Do I have to change my service provider? Phone numbers? Equipment?

JAS works under the assumption that the customer does not want to change their service provider, phone numbers, equipment, etc. JAS will not attempt to sell a cell phone plan or equipment unless requested by the customer. The benefit is that the customer keeps their account intact and simply pays a smaller bill.

What if I want to change my carrier?

JAS can manage the process of calculating, optimizing and negotiating the cost to transition to a new carrier and an ongoing rate plan.

Who sends me my bill?

Your service provider and account do not change. Therefore, your billing is handled exactly the same.

Will I lose control of my account?

The customer always has 100% control of their account. JAS will only make changes that the customer approves.

If we are in a contract, can we make changes?

All carriers provide the flexibility to make any change during the time period of the contract. However, if you change service providers before the contract is over, there will be a termination penalty. Presently, the major carriers are not extending contracts with a rate plan change. Only some equipment upgrades are driving contract extensions.

Will it affect my features such as GPS, service & repair or insurance?

The majority of features are optional, and available with all rate plans. Customers are able to keep all the features they want.

What does JAS charge?

JAS only charges a percent of the actual savings achieved for 18 months. JAS calculates the savings and sends its invoice after the customer receives their bill from the carrier.

If JAS can’t save me money, is there still a fee?

JAS’s fee is tied to the actual savings achieved. If there are no savings… there is no fee.

Is it possible to pay JAS a high fee and only save a little money?

No. JAS’s fee is based strictly on results. Our customers average 25-33% savings. Many have saved well above 40%. It is impossible to pay JAS a high amount of money for a small savings. There is no risk – no customer bill has ever increased.

How does JAS ensure long-term results?

All recommendations provide a cushion of minutes, messaging and data beyond what the particular cell phone has been using. JAS also tracks and projects usage on a monthly basis to ensure it is on track and fixes most issues before the billing cycle closes.

What other services does JAS offer?

Many customers also use JAS on an ongoing basis for mobile device management and security, ordering equipment at discounted pricing, customer assistance and technical support.

What happens at the end of the agreement?

JAS can provide the same top-notch service on a flat-fee basis. The rate is based primarily on the number of phones.

If we bill our employees for their overage, can you still save us money?

Yes. JAS usually substantially lowers the monthly access rate on the majority of phones. We also eliminate overage expense on key employee’s phones. Most companies find the process of billing employees time consuming, costly and has negative consequences. JAS can create an optimal plan that eliminates this issue.

How does the monitoring program work?

JAS provides a service of monitoring bills. This is optional and available to customer who participated in the analysis. Each month JAS performs an account review to take advantage of newer plans, make sure the usage is not spiking, catch any billing mistakes and handle customer service issues. JAS charges a flat rate for this service based on the number of devices.

How many phones does someone need to make it worthwhile?

It is always worthwhile to try to save money. JAS will not turn away anyone interested in our service. Our clients range in size from 8 to 3,800 devices.

What if I don't like JAS’s recommendations?

JAS expects to have a good faith conversation with the customer within a week after receiving our recommendation. The customer is not obligated to accept our recommendation if they truly do not agree with it. However, the customer cannot decline our recommendation and make similar changes without JAS.