Full Service Wireless Management & Cost Reduction

We started working with JAS in 2011 and immediately saw a 20% savings on our wireless bill. Even as we’ve grown, we’ve only seen small increases in our wireless bill with each additional employee. Additionally, our JAS account manager provides us a detailed report every month with advice on how to keep our bill in checks so we’re not throwing money away. JAS continues to save our business money with consistent and helpful service. We’re very happy with the results.

Device Management

JAS keeps an up-to-the-minute inventory of all your wireless devices to ensure they are accounted for and working properly. We’ll save you money by using available upgrades when possible and by making sure you don’t add unnecessary phone lines. We’ll also manage phones that are on suspension, so you don’t pay for lines that aren’t being used.


JAS can perform the time-consuming task of ordering your wireless devices. Our knowledgeable staff will work closely with the carriers and resellers to get you what you need, as soon as you need it, and at the lowest prices. They will look for alternate sources for phones that are ineligible for upgrades, often achieving savings up to 50% below the carriers’ prices on specific equipment.

Technical Assistance

Your employees can call us directly to answer questions or to report problems. We provide first level technical support and work directly with the carriers to quickly resolve more involved technical issues to minimize down time and to keep your employees focused on their work responsibilities.

Customer Support

The JAS Customer Support team provides friendly, responsive, top-notch service that extends beyond billing. They will handle all equipment swaps, add and remove international features to save money when employees travel outside the U.S., and save you the time and trouble by securing credits and refunds directly with the carriers.


We can guide you on the best wireless equipment specific to your employees’ needs; for example, whether it’s better for staff in the field to have a smartphone or a tablet with a basic phone.