• We think what we do is pretty amazing. But don’t just take our word for it. Read what some of our satisfied customers have to save about JAS Wireless:

  • When I was responsible for equipping a team of over 50 with cellular phones, I spent hours handling all the account details and constantly battling to ensure our phones were in the most economical plan. I dreaded the hours spent pouring over invoices to ensure no one had gone over their assigned minutes.

    Then we discovered Joe Allen and JAS to take over the complete management of our cellular phones. Not only did JAS save me time and stress, they saved us over 38% on our total bills. Now, all I have to do when I need a phone is call JAS.

    If you want to save money and stop wasting valuable time, let JAS take care of your business phones the way they take care of ours. They’ll find the best phones for your needs and the right upgrades for your company You won’t be sorry.”

    Sheri Howe, Client Care ManagerDixie Electric & Plumbing, Montgomery, AL
  • We started our business in 1995 using three Sprint cell phones. Costs were low and manageable and bills were easy to understand. But as our business grew, so did our need for mobile devices to the point where we have about 50 phones and a bill over $6,000.

    A friend had used JAS to lower their monthly phone bill and referred me to them. JAS conducted a full analysis of our spending, got the costs under control, and saved us over 35% on our monthly bill.

    They also provide ongoing support for new phone orders, repairs of existing devices, insurance claims and replacements, and monitoring our bills each month for potential savings. I cannot say enough about the assistance JAS provides on a day-to-day basis.

    Sean Higgins, Project Manager Preferred Mechanical, Bronx, NY
  • I have been working with JAS Wireless for approximately 8 years.  Not only do they save us a lot of money, they have been professional, courteous, and very accommodating. They address issues quickly and efficiently. We are extremely satisfied with the continuous service and prompt attention we receive from JAS Wireless. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

    Shirley Jacobs, Office & Project ManagerTriumph Construction, Bronx, NY
  • As a communications technology company, we look for ways to provide added value for our customers. We first met JAS Wireless in 2008, were impressed with what they had to offer, and began referring our clients to them.

    JAS has been a much-appreciated value-added service and an enormous help in bringing down our clients’ overall telecommunications spending. So much so that we eventually turned over our own wireless bill to them.

    JAS not only reduced our company wireless spending about $2,500, they now also manage it on an ongoing basis to further hold down our monthly costs.

    Ben Schoolsky, VP SalesConsolidated Technologies, Inc., New York, NY