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The iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 has dropped and although some Apple enthusiasts may be disappointed, there are some new enhancements. The rumors are now reality.  As expected we will see:

  • A triple rear camera system – with a camera that has 12 megapixels, which will allow up to three images to be taken simultaneously, have a wider lens angle, ETC.
  • Front (Selfie) camera improvement – The front camera will also have 12 mega pixels with high resolution
  • IOS 13 – The newest and most recent technological update for apple operations with smoother and faster performance
  • 1 – 6.5 inch OLED Displays – Which has OLED pixels that produce their own light and illuminate the screen naturally.

The most hyped feature of the iPhone 11 out of all the new features is the triple rear camera system. The triple rear camera system will be on all the iPhone 11 versions. It includes the sophisticated more square-shaped array on the back of the device.

However, when we speak of technologically advanced…will it have 5G? the answer is no. 5G coverage is expected to initially be spotty and it seems like Apple doesn’t want to diminish its own image by having their devices experiencing poor reception. The iPhone is rumored to not have 5G until sometime in 2020, and by this time the 5G coverage should be much stronger.

While many Apple consumers do not care about price, it remains a concern for others. The pricing, although not cheap is comparable to the iPhone X. Starting with an iPhone 11 64 GB the list price is $699.99 and the 2yr contract is $249.99. Monthly installments are $29.16. On the high-end an iphone 11 Pro Max 512 GB has a list price of $1,449.99 and a 2 yr price of $999.99. Monthly installments top out at $60.41.

The carriers have strategies to significantly reduce the cost, making Apple’s newest treasure very affordable. For example, there are rich incentives when trading in your previous model, that can lower the cost on a 2yr contract by $150 or device installment by $500. Most carriers also provide incentives up to $200 to bring your line to them from a competitive carrier.

Perhaps the best news for many businesses that need to supply their workforce with iPhones, is that the price is dropping on all existing available models. You can now get an iPhone 8 for 99 cents.

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